2nd gen Speed3 questions

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I had an offer to buy a 2011 Speed3 fall into my lap. It's bone stock with 162k miles, loaded including tech package, and meticulously maintained. This is from a former coworker. He's asking $8k. I parked my 3 next to this car every day when we worked together, and it is near perfect. He's not the original owner, but he's had it now for at least a few years. He bought a truck, so he's selling the Speed.

I still drive my current 3 every day with 208k miles. For a used car I got 10 year ago, it's been awesome. But this offer has me itching to upgrade, especially since I'm familiar with both the car and the owner. I'm hopefully going to take it for a rip one day this week. Without asking a million questions, are there any common issues I should be looking for? Searching around, it seems like the 2nd gen had less problems than the 1st gen.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated. I love my Mazdas, but I don't have much experience with the Speed3 yet.
I'd say that's a pretty good price. I've been shopping, and most clean 2nd gens are around 10k.

Gen 2 did not have the VVT issues and is supposed to have some revisions to the pistons and rods.

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