FS: BIG SALE, Many parts, many goodies!

Hello guys, I have up for grabs many nice parts from different Mazda cars so have a look as there may be something of interest to you. Prices include shipping within the Continental USA, I do ship internationally so feel free to ask for a shipping quote.

OK here we go its a big list so grab a coffee and start reading(rockon)

IHI T-Bird hybrid Compressor Housing and wheel with adapter and original flanges (this will fit the turbos in the Probe\MX6\626 with VJ11 turbo) SOLD!

T-bird Garrett T3 60\63 Turbocharger with welded aluminum inlet and outlet on the comp housing SOLD!

KLDE KLG4 intake manifold Phenolic spacers (oval) with Bolts SOLD!

93-97 Mazda 626 JDM rear mud flaps with hardware, these are hard to come by and are a bit bigger than the regualr rear 626 mud gards $60

1996 Mazda 626 MTX ECU with pig tail connector(great for converting to Manual trans) KLC7 , KLC9-18-881B $48

RR Racing Motor Mount Polyurethane inserts (red) , I believe these are for the rear mount on the KL $24

G series manual transmission Stainless Braided Clutch line 12" long for mx6\626\probe but may fit others SOLD!

VRIS vacuum canisters with check valve(fits all KLs i believe) came off a KLDE $24

2006 Mazdaspeed 6 aluminum Gas pedal cover with hardware, can be made to fit any plastic gas pedal just drill 2 holes and done $24

2006 Mazdaspeed 6 Exhaust surrounds with rear valance in rough shape (willing to sell just the stainless surrounds for $80) $140

03-05 Mazda 6 3.0 V6 Injen Cold air intake, includes rubber elbow and Maf sensor SOLD!

Mazda 323 GTR replica hood vents made of fiberglass (BG), bought from ebay Indonesia $80

Aluminum Blow off valve Spliter style (Forge clone) SOLD!

93-97 Mazda MX6 rear mud flaps, 2 sets available in red and gold $60

Mazda MX3 GS rear mud flaps blue $60

93-97 Mazda MX6 Power Mirror in green(faded) Driver side LHD $36

03-08 Mazda 6 leather perforated steering wheel $42

91-95 Mazda 929 (HD) Front and rear Mud flap set, pearl white $86

2001 Protege 5 ATX ECU FS8M-1881-B $40

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege MSP Pedal covers, gas brake & clutch (might fit 626\mx6 look it up) SOLD!

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege FSDET Braided oil feed line and T adapter with oil pressure sensor, OEM setup(should fit FS & FSDE) $26

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege MSP silver strut bar with mounting brackets, OEM $75

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege MSP Stainless Turbo Manifold heat shield , OEM $48

2003 Mazdspeed Protege MSP MTX ECU MSP0-1881-A (great for converting your Protege to Turbo)SOLD!

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege MSP Aluminum valve cover with cam sensor $54

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Samco Sport hot pipe, Silicone upper intercooler pipe SOLD!

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege silicone upper radiator hose and Turbo T shape silicone hose and another related silicone hose SOLD!

Forge Motorsport billet adjustable WGA wategate for Mazdaspeed protege SOLD!

Told ya it was a long list of goodies (rules)








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'94 626 2.0L MTX + '94 MX-6 LS V6 MTX !_!
Glad your ok the BOV got delayed! But no worries at all. Just updating you. Glad you're ok.

Thanks man! even tho i shipped it way before the hurricane Irma, but should be there within a day or two according to the USPS website.


'94 626 2.0L MTX + '94 MX-6 LS V6 MTX !_!
1st page updated with items SOLD everything else still available (dance)