DIY Intake / MAF Housing Testing

Captain KRM P5

2002 BJFW, 2007 BK3P, 1979 SA22C, 2005 BK3P
For everyone looking to do a custom intercooler or intake setup, we'll be testing a MAF housing this weekend we think will do the trick. After common complaints about the ATP one throwing check engine lights and causing fuel trim issues, we've made a good effort to engineer what we feel will be an all inclusive unit.

For starters, the diameter and MAF flange are based directly from dimensions matched to the stock airbox. Air straighteners are welded into the inlet of the MAF housing for proper airflow into the chamber. Unlike the ATP housing, the ventilation hose fitting is provided and welded into place for connection to the factory hose. The outlet is stepped down a size so that one can connect a simple 45 degree hose to the factory or aftermarket inlet (such as the RPMC).

If you are interested, let me know. It will be priced well enough so that people can choose thier own hoses and own filter and still be more cost effective than any short ram intake currently on the market.

Now Available for ordering;
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Of course...After my SRI ships. :p

Oh well, that's still pretty cool, Ken. I'll keep an eye on this...Maybe I'll just end up selling the Nano and doing somethin like this...maybe. :D
i wanted to have this out before the nano. good things take time however :) i am eager to see it be successful and a good inexpensive alternative to the $200 short rams on the market.
Excellent idea Ken,

Get to choose the filter of your choice....

I would like to see pics of the air straightener.

Have you run it on an MS3 yet and checked the LTFT's?
I am very interested. I sold my cobb a few months ago and refuse to spend 200 on a sri. When will this be available?
i will be testing it over the weekend at which point it would be available immediately
Looks great. I can't wait for a guinea pig to try it out and give us broke ass mofo's some hope at a SRI. I already have a filter.
I think it would be interesting if someone made a custom intake piping that still uses the stock airbox and using a K&N drop in filter and get good gains like an SRI.
You mentioned mcuh less than 200. What are you looking at for price?

as a full kit with the hose and filter, it will be cheaper than a Cobb SRI and therefore cheaper than the Nano. on its own, the housing will be under $100.
Dam Ken, this would be great, but I need the inlets to be 3 inches for it to fit my corksport inlet, and air filter. Sorry, Im a needy person.
I may well be interested. I like the idea of using a filter of my choice. Keep us posted on your progress and testing.
I may well be interested. I like the idea of using a filter of my choice. Keep us posted on your progress and testing.

Couldn't have said it any better!

I've found something I don't like and dislike about each intake right now. And i'm in no hurry to piss my money away just to make my turbo louder. If i'm going to it, I want to make sure it's got provable gains and a reputable air filter with the easiest process of cleaning.