CX-70 delayed to next year

Yes, but if I could manage it, I'd love an X3 with the B58 for the commute into city.

But certainly both are killer options that IMO the CX90 doesn't really approach. Whether they are worth the extra $ is perhaps a diff answer.
The X3 M40i is the B58 one. If my wife opts for an X3 that would be the one. Good comparison of the X5 40i and X3 M40i (both variants of the B58. The one in the X5 tuned more for torque. The one in the X3 is the same as that it the M240i and M340i.)

And the CX-90 is a step down from the BMW X7, but the goal is to get close without spending the money. Basically it is a get 90% of the way there for 65-70% of the money. The X7 starts at $82K!! The top end of the CX-90 is $60K. And most reviewers will tell you that next the BWM X7, the Mazda CX-90 is the best driving full size on the market. Is it as refined and as premium as the BMW, no.

That is why the CX-70 is such a missed opportunity. In the midsize 2-row segment it could have been one of a few 6 cylinder, RWD models and would have a $15K+ price advantage.
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new X3 is months away and I'm sure it is going to catch up
X5 has better seats, options, etc. that the X3 can't upgrade to. The X3 is my first BMW and I thought it would just be a smaller version of the X5 but it's not!

The new X3 eschews buttons in favor of more stuff in the touchscreen. If you don't like that, better off w/the MY24 version before it's gone!

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