2017~2022 Climate Control question

2019 CX5 Reserve AWD
Any reason why the A/C doesn't automaticaly come on when you lower the temperature. I've noticed when I start the car and adjust the temp (say 66) and it's 80 outside it only blows warm air. I have to press the A/C button for it to start cooling. I thought the whole idea of climate control was to automatically handle heat/AC based on temp.
2019 MX-5 Miata
In AUTO mode, the A/C compressor runs when the ambient temperature is above freezing. Blend doors mix heated and cooled air to control the outlet and cabin temperatures.

Pressing the A/C button manually turns the A/C off or on. If you press the AUTO button then press the A/C button, you're manually turning off the A/C compressor. It won't come back on regardless of the temperature settings unless you press the AUTO or A/C buttons (or select a windshield defrost mode).