Cars and Coffee II | Sunday, March 15, 2009

wish I was there but look what I did when I got back from NYC

it really needs a drop huh?


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note from Pete on the YR board:

Seriously? WOW… I’m just BLOWN AWAY at the turn out for this event… I have been trying to figure out what to write to everyone and I’m just flat out speechless. The event was a HUGE success because every one of you who came out. The showing was crazy… from the F430s and Maserati to the VW with the checkerboard hood (dunno who you were, but I like it) to the two NSXs that up till today, I had never seen in person… and all the crazy Subarus(love the sound of a boxer engine)… and the Mazda group who had there s*** together at 8am at the movie theatre(I’m impressed how you all were so organized)… you guys made the event happen… Me and Sam just filled in all the details to support it.

Other then a few incidents that I spoke to the officer on detail about, everyone behaved. The lot and garage were left fairly clean and I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves. I apologize if I didn’t get to meet or talk to everyone… I was spinning in circles bouncing from person to person. We are going to try and get a photo gallery posted up on of the event. And in the coming week or so, will be announcing our events for the next couple months… Events include a Detail Day(seminar), Cars and Coffee, the beginning of AUTOX season and hopefully a descent gathering of cars for Hot Import Nights.

Really, thank you ALL again, and hope to see everyone at the next event!!!


thats the sickest showing I have seen (in this region) for a car meet. amazing high end rides

Indeed! The night show had almost the same amount of cars, but because people ruined it by acting stupid, I did not get to see 90% of them. Plus at night it's very difficult to see the cars.

Awesome review from Sam!
Imagine a night-meet in that garage though!!!! Photos would be fabulous!

...of course, I really don't think a night-meet would turn out any better than what happened in Natick.
So what is this about people acting stupid? Typical young people burning out and stuff?