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Hello Mazdas247 Community! We are new to this forum, but not new to Mazda! We have been serving our customers since 2019, being one of the largest deal providers on the very popular Leasehackr forums since our inception. So much so, we are also Leasehackr's exclusive partner for their Equityhackr program!

We are an official Vendor and aim to be informative and provide valuable deals to forum members looking to score big discounts on new Mazdas in the US. We do not SPAM and transparency is key for us. You will find we specialize in leases and many of our posts will be lease-centric, however, we can also provide these same discounts for purchases in most cases and based on feedback and demand we can shift our focus on purchase-centric offers instead.

We want to be an asset and welcome any and all feedback from forum members and veterans!

While we are a small team of professionals and support brands outside of Mazda, I will personally be overseeing our presence on Mazdas247. My name is Matt, I am the COO of Auto Ninjas and I have spent the last 11 years of my life in the auto industry. For 5 of those years I was a Mazda sales manager both in NJ and FL, but have always been a Mazda enthusiast with my first car being a 2005 RX8 GT 6spd in Winning Blue. From there I spent some time in the VW club (2013 GLI, 2015 Golf TDI - Part of Dieselgate buyback!) but came back to Mazda with my 2016 Miata Club which I still own today.


Since then I have also owned the following Mazdas:

1997 Miata (still have - being restored!)
2017 CX5 GT
2017 CX5 GT Premium
2019 CX5 Signature
2020 CX30 Premium
2021 CX5 GT Premium
2023 Mazda3 HB Prem Plus Turbo

Not to count the endless list of Mazdas I have cycled through (and continue to) within my family. Here is actually a shot from Easter my relatives in NJ sent me to really drive this point home!

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 5.40.01 PM.png

Now, having shared a bit about myself personally here is more about our deals and what we have to offer from Auto Ninjas!

So how exactly do we work?
We partner with trusted dealers and have built a network of dealers who provide arguably the biggest discounts and best deals in the country for us to pass on to our clients. What makes us so special? Why do dealers provide us with this pricing? Quite frankly, being able to provide such large volume to our dealers (we gave just one of our BMW dealerships about 70 new car deliveries last month alone) allows us to negotiate very calculated deals where from a total net perspective our dealers are able to justify the volume cost in return for increased allocations and reach high volume manufacturer goals which further provides more financial incentive. The more they sell, the more they make from the manufacturer and the lower their average cost per car becomes.

What does our Service cost?
We charge a flat rate of $599 on all of our deals, across all of our brands - however we do also run sales and promotions that reduce this cost sometimes. For example, right now we are offering $200 off our service fee for Mazdas247 forum members exclusively as a thank you for welcoming us to the forums! Why do we charge a flat rate fee up front? For transparency, is the short answer. You see, brokers exist in the world (especially in large cities like NYC and Miami) and many of them don't charge any fees for their service. Well they do not do it for free, I can promise you that, rather they take the discounts their dealer provides to them and pocket it for their profits. Our Founder, Thomas, started this company in 2019 after trying to deal with brokers in NYC and found this out along the way and also found brokers were taking egregious cuts and often taking advantage of the clients and the dealers along the way. We know theres a better way, so instead of taking cuts of our dealer discounts, we pass on all of the savings and use an up-front, transparent flat fee price model. While the upfront cost may seem intimidating, I am confident you will found the deals well worth it compared to your local offerings.

What areas do we service?
While we like to consider our network robust, we do service limited areas - however in many cases we are able to ship cars out of state, or you may travel to our dealers from out of state to capture our discounts. Our primary markets vary by brand, but we can currently service Mazda in NJ, NY, PA, CT as well as FL and most of the Southeast/East coast coastal states. We do also ship cars from our FL dealer to other states fairly often, such as IL, OH and TX. CA/West Coast is also available, although it is a newer market for us we are currently working on expanding into.

Can I get a quote without paying first?
Absolutely, while we do charge a service fee for our deals, we DO NOT charge you a penny to chat with our dedicated reps, get quotes, estimates, answer questions, etc. We want all of our customers to be comfortable and while many people are familiar with us and comfortable working with a concierge service for a new car, we also understand this is a novel experience for many others. Our reps are US based and are dedicated to their own individual brands, so for our Mazda deals we have one rep and his name is Nick. He actually lives in Cape Coral, FL like myself and worked for me at my last Mazda dealership I managed. Nick will personally be the one speaking with each and every one of you who wishes to inquire with us, he's a great guy and will be happy to walk you through our process!

Are our services refundable?
If for any reason after you pay us, your deal falls through or any issues arise prior to scheduling delivery, your fee is 100% refundable. I like to always say, we're here to help people buy new cars, not to keep people's money.

Where can I search Deals?
We have a few ways to see our deals, the first is by visiting our website which we built from scratch (proud of our platform and tech, our CTO is from Visa and we continue to develop more tech everyday) at You can enter your zip code and browse our available deals in your area with transparent pricing breakdowns easily here. You can also follow us on X/Twitter where we like to highlight our top deals, as well as some other informative and fun content - Lastly, we will be posting right here on the Mazdas247 forums! We have not yet decided if we should do a master list format on this thread, or do deals for each model under each dedicated subforum. Suggestions welcomed!

Now, with all of that out of the way - please feel free to ask me anything! Again, we truly want to be an asset to forum members by both being informative and supportive, but also offering our deals as well. Want to go out and hunt out your own deal? We are happy to help with advice. Want to save the trouble and work with us instead? We hope you do! Either way, let's work together to bring value to the amazing Mazda community!

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