Attention all gearheads! Need advice for Mazda MX-3

TL;DR - Need beginner modding advice for '92 Mazda Mx-3 1.6 L B6-ME SOHC

I'm a beginner at modifications and I don't know where to start. It's equally welcoming / intimidating that so many people know what they're doing have repeated trial and error with their builds and I'm hoping to find some advice on performance upgrades for my 4cyl Mx-3! I'm getting a new daily 30 days from now and will keep this Mazda for a project car. Please I could really use some guidance on where to start!

I'm looking for advice on:

-Compatible engine parts
-ECU Flashing and Tuning Software
-Fuel Mapping (Isn't that tuning too?)
-Beginner to Intermediate adjustments
-Priority on which parts I should be looking for, which ones to swap

I mainly want to tune my car now more than anything.

So far I have found:

Although I want a bigger engine, swapping is out of my current skill level. It's still on my to-do list.
Intakes sound cool, but it won't give me noticeable power alone.
Flashed ECUs, but I'm not sure of the process on remapping the whole thing.

Thank you for reading! I'll remain on this forum and update you all with my build and progress.

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