Any Rally / Lifted Protege5 builds?

As the title says, has anyone built or set up their car this way suspension wise? Is there a way for us to do this? Coil overs Id imagine

Not saying I want to lift it more than stock height but maybe .75” or so would be cool. I’d def like it to change my tires to something more aggressive which would most likely require me to drop a wheel size as well

Just looking for information as to if it’s possible as the web doesn’t offer much to us

I know two sedan protege have went gravel coil overs and rally them but is it the same as our body style? I’ve also been bit by the Class11 “Baja bug” look which is where all this came from


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Here's an older thread that might be sort of what you're looking for.
There's been a few attempts at lifting a Pro5, someone made up some strut spacers and got around 1.5" from memory. Coilovers wound all the way out would get you there as well :)

Biggest challenge is steering geometry and driveshaft angle up front. You'll need to be careful with camber/castor and bump steer with a dramatic lift

My car is rally inspired but more setup for tarmac/ hillclimbs so is lower and stiff :D