3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats

Yea I saw those too on that same website. They didn't get the same level of praise as the OEM Mazda Canada mats so I went with the Mazda ones.

If I'm not happy with what I get, I'll give the TuxMats a shot. There's no rush on my end, I'm not gonna drive my CX-5 daily so there's plenty of time & money I'll be investing in accessories and/or aftermarket stuff for it.
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Just finished going through my fifth winter with the 3D Maxpider winter mats. They are as solid as day one. Maybe slightly dulled up after five years of winter use, but zero visible wear and tear. They will probably outlive the car. Took them out last week and the carpet underneath was spotless.


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I just had mine out to switch over and noticed salt corroded the "3d max" logo and the caps on the back corroded off. I never liked the logo on them anyways, so I see this as a bonus feature ;)
Need to make a note on how (relatively) quick they got here. Only 7 business days from Canada to get here, with free shipping too. Can't recommend these enough, I didn't want the "regular" 3D Maxpider floor mats, they just looked too plain and non-OEM.

Is it worth the extra ~$100 over the other brands like WeatherTech & Husky? Absolutely!!! And now that I've seen & felt how much BETTER these are than those 2 brands (which I've bought previously for my other cars), I'd gladly pay $200+ more for the Canada Mazda mats if I were to get another Mazda car.

Scarboro Mazda has a new link for the mats fyi, updated for 2022:


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I had the 3DMaxpider floor mats for about 4-5 years and recently replaced them with the WeatherTech ones for the fronts/rears. Here's my take so far on them:


  1. Driver side covers the dead pedal area fully
  2. Passenger side covers the foot rest area fully
  3. The underside of it has a furry material that resists movement
  1. Not that durable
  2. Not that easy to clean due to the texture of the floor matt as opposed to the WeatherTech which has a much more rugged/smoother finish
  3. The two buttons that you click down on to secure the floor mat are prone to breaking

  1. Better material/build quality than the 3DMaxpider
  2. Easy to clean
  1. The dead pedal area is only covered half-way which is odd....
  2. Not a huge fan of the little grommets that they used to connect to secure the floor matts
  3. More expensive than the 3DMax?