2022 CX-5 Preferred - Bad transmission at 7.3k miles

Received an update from Mazda USA today. Transmission PN is F1Y4-03-000R-V0 and it will be a remanufactured unit, ETA is 3 weeks so probably by mid February I should have my vehicle back. I hope the remanufacturing process is not a poorly executed outsourced job.

I told the REP I'm now in lemon law territory (Based on consecutive days in the shop) and a remanufactured unit has me leaning towards some type of compensation later down the road when the dust settles. She said she would reach out to her mediation team and have a decision after my CX5 is fixed and we agree that the issue has been resolved.
Another update, found an email from Mazda USA with $150 service credit. Later got a call from them saying they gave me a courtesy gift card for my troubles and that they'll get back to me when the transmission issue gets resolved.
Remanufactured transmission showed up yesterday. Picked up car this morning and drove really good. SO picture attached.


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