2021 CE CX-5 2.5T Needs transmission replacement at 10k miles!

That really sucks Teddy, but you have a shitty dealer is basically what the problem is. You also should never fill out reviews until things are fixed to your satisfaction. That's the leverage you have in the bag to threaten them with. They do get those and will not give a $hit about you anymore if you ding them once. If they think they may get a good review, they are more willing to help or seem like they want to, but only if you didn't trash them first. It is completely inexcusable to have your personal property treated with disregard and damaged in their possession. It's really sad that nobody but yourself can be trusted to do anything even slightly competent anymore in today's society.
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'21 CX-5 CE-T
Oh, I definitely waited to fill out the reviews... (Edit: I didn't wait long enough)I honestly didn't 'trash them'. I merely stated my experience and 'slight' discontent with the Mazda product, the dealer, and the care taken with my ('new' when I brought it in, now body shop repaired, not yet mechanically repaired) car. It was just increased aggravation by the 3rd review... That ended up going to Mazda America.
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