2018 CX-5 USA to Europe speedometer


I read multiple threads about importing US CX-5 to EU (Switzerland). I just bought one from 2018 (G164) that was imported from US, and it has all papers done (even technical verification), so I do not expect any problems later with this, or should I?
What I would like to know, if it's possible to swap the speedometer with an EU one? Its hard to see the small km/h numbers on it, and I would prefer to have everything in km/h.
I watched some videos that showed that it has a single connector, but I am afraid its not that simple.

Did anyone try to swap the whole thing with an EU one?

I have this variant, not the digital one. Actually if it's possible to retrofit with the new one (display in middle) that would be even better.
You would have better luck in the Central and East Europe forums. They import a lot of US cars. The market is literally flooded with US imports there.

Regarding your first question - You can change to Euro one but it may have to be coded , plus the total mileage would differ. You could try to open it and just put a special sticker with just the KM/h.

The digital is from 2019- on the US models. Not sure if it can be retrofitted. Probably not.
In the meantime I got used to speed in mph :D

I have aftermarket central display (Pioneer), which I like because of the wireless carplay. The downside of it is that I can not access settings / planned maintenance ,etc.
With one of these OBD2 tools, would it be possible to access the settings, and change mi to km, and mpg to l/100km ?