2018 CX-5 code P055f

Ok here goes , I purchased a 2018 CX5 at a dodge dealership about a year ago it only had around 35000 miles on it ,2.2 skyactive AWD ,it ran fine for about a year
then when i went to do my last oil change at around 54000 I noticed a a wet spot around the access panel for the filter and drain plug..upon closer inspection a lot of oil dripping down from somewhere up top..That started me down the rabbit hole of the issues that plague these vehicles ... I got really nervous ..(still making payments ,and I drive the vehicle to make money ) the worst case scenarios started playing out in my mind ..put dye in it to see if I could track down the leak...couldnt pinpoint ... so I took it back to the dealership where I got it ..
They diagnosed a the timing chain cover leaking and water pump? (water pump was confusing because I never overheated and the coolant level wasnt low..whereas the oil level light would periodically come on over the last year and I would just add a little oil and it would clear...about once every 3 months ...sorry this so long just providing context ...
so car goes into shop and a month later get it back .. they changed the water pump, sealed the timing chain cover and replaced oil pan gasket...
but before I picked it up they informed me they had check engine light they couldnt clear with code P055f ..and if I wanted it cleared Id have to take it to mazda and they could clear it for 300$.. tried to get Mazda to cover it since mileage is under 60000, but no ..5 months out of 5 year warranty ,
so now I get the red oil pressure light that is on about 50% of the time and the check engine light which stays on most of he time but will go off after Ive driven a couple of hours (I drive the car alot to make deliveries daily) I guess my question is .. is the car safe to drive like this without doing permanent damage.?. I check the fluid levels almost daily and theyve been holding up ..since I got the car back a couple of weeks ago...Thanks for any insight into this situation .. I really want to like this car its been a blast to drive up until now
Do an internet search for P055f. There are several possible causes, some problematic, some simple.
Do an internet search for P055f. There are several possible causes, some problematic, some simple.
Not sure if this is helpful but we just purchased CX5 used 2018, had burning oil smell, took it back within one week and Subaru dealer sent to Mazda for diagnostics. Needed a new engine, I read on this forum something about this year having a bad batch, with similar issues. We were lucky if you consider that, the used car dealer is covering engine replacement as it was within 60 days for us.
Internet search states that code means the oil pressure is out of range, either too high or too low. Oil pressure issues could damage the engine so it would be best to find the cause of the code and fix it. I would hope a knowledgeable mechanic could figure it out.