2017 cx-9 aftermarket rims.

Hi folks.. hoping someone can help answer a question I have about my wifes cx9..

She wants new rims/tires for a more aggressive- flush to the fender look. I know that the cx9 does come with 20s but I want to get her more concavity with a wider wheel/tire combo.

So the question is... will 10 or 10.5 inch wide 20s fit?

Thinking of the niche Vossos ..



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Regarding width:

This is 10.5 width with a +30 offset (22" wheel). I wouldn't push it any further out than this IMO.


Based on Niche's specs for the Vosso here: http://www.nicheroadwheels.com/specs.cfm?id=10849

The 20x9 is offered with a +25 or +35 offset. The 20x10 is offered in a +40 offset. The 20x10.5 is offered in a +30 or +40 offset. For what you're after, I would do the 20x10.5 +30 or the 20x9 +25.

Regarding tires:

I would go with 285/45/20 tires on the 10.5" wide. You'll end up with a look similar to the photo above, just with smaller diameter rims. You can also do 285/45/20 on the 9" wide, but the tires will look a little too wide for the rim.

Here is a pic of 285/45/20 on 20x9 wheels. As you can see, the tire is a little wide, but will definitely still work.


I used this website to check the fitment: www.willtheyfit.com

I checked both 10.5 wide and 9 wide, and my tire size suggestions have the new setups within 1% of the OEM wheel and tire total diameter. The 9" wide option will sit inside the fender about 20mm more, but will likely be the cheaper and lighter option.

Hope that helps. Also, post pics as soon as you get them on her car! Would love to see how that style looks on our cars.
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