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2016 CX-9 Wheel clear coat peeling, wheels turning black through the silver... ADVICE


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Hey all, my 2016 CX9 has 44k on the ODO and was bought by me with 32K as a Mazda certified used from dealer a little over a year ago. At that time the wheels were sort of mottled silver/gray/black and i thought they looked better than the painted silver wheels so i considered it a win. This speckled black coming through has progressed over the year. Recently, the clear coat has started to pop off the wheels, mainly on the spokes, in spots smaller than a dime and now in lines up to about 1/4" thick and 4" long.

Before i go in looking for warranty coverage etc I was hoping to get some guidance from the resident experts.

I THOUGHT i saw somewhere that there was a post about this but I cant find it.

Thanks In Advance


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I think this was an issue with Mazda6 wheels. You can check that subforum, but they basically just went to the dealer to have the wheel paint issue resolved. Some were successful, others were not (seems to depend on the dealer). I would advise that you gather some evidence of the problem (posts/threads about wheel discoloration) and some accounts of how the dealers handled it, then present it to your dealer and let the chips fall where they may. Good luck!


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I hope you have good luck with the dealer since you are past the basic warranty. I have a 2016 so hope there is no issue with mine but I only have 21,000mi on mine. sm1ke mentioned the Mazda6. I bought one of the first 2014 Mazda6 GT and last year 3 of the wheels were pealing but my ex-wife got that car.(wiggle)