2010 Wagon thumping sound after 'hitting' spoon drain?

Hi all, first time post from new owner M6 2010 Wagon, 130k kms, sleek, tidy, enjoyable ride.

Apologies for having been a Peugeot driver for 40 years and a note that the RAA wouldn't let me buy anything else when I enquired for assistance in buying a mid-sized station wagon :).

So far all well and good, however, limited experience with front wheel drive and concern for the thumping noise the front end makes on traversing a spoon drain of which we have many in dear old down town Clare SA, great wines they tell me.

Need to know whether this noise, a little frightening, is common/normal or whether there is something amiss? previous damage. impending failure etc ... ?

Any thoughts ~ knowledge ~ recommendations appreciated.

Happy motoring all
regards edgedweller