2008 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring getting BCM Replaced Question

I am bringing my CX-9 next week to get a windshield leak repaired and BCM replaced. The Service Rep asked me if I had both key fobs as they may need two to program the BCM but he wasn't sure. I have lost one of the fobs and only have one which is the expensive Credit card looking remote. I was told if both fobs were required, I would have to get another fob. Two questions:

1. Does anyone know for sure if a new 2008 CX-9 BCM can be programmed with a single key fob?
2. If not, is there a cheaper fob that I can buy instead of the $400 credit card one?

I know I could probably buy used but I don't have time to get one between now and taking the car to them.



2011 MX5 GT
They just need to reprogram the new BCM to recognize the transmitters that you have. If you only have one, that's all they get. My guess is that the procedure involves programming the BCM to the car, then programming the transmitters to the BCM so they can be used to start the car.