Poll 2.5T Coolant Leak/Engine Replacement

Who is having coolant leak issues and have had their engines replaced?

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    Votes: 37 38.1%
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    Votes: 60 61.9%

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I would fix but my main concern is that it seems to be something normal between those 2.5 engines what if i fix and it happens again lol, its just messed up having to replace a engine with only 68k miles on it yk

If you do a bit more reading you'll find that the cylinder head was redesigned in 2021 to address this issue. So if the dealership or whoever sources the replacement from Mazda, or from a 2021+ model with the same engine, it should no longer have this issue.
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Mazda 6 2018 2.5 with only 68k miles with coolant leaking, took to mazda and they said it has a crack in the back of the cylinder they don’t want to cover or do anything! The only thing they said were sorry and the cost of 6207.44 plus align 109.99 lol first time having a mazda and last !
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It’s possible that this particular 2.5T does have a bad head gasket as he did show the wore-out coating on the head gasket where the coolant was leaking out from the area.

Taking the engine out would be more involved with even more labor hours and remove more parts, may even have to disconnect the AC lines. Replacing the cylinder head in the engine bay definitely is cheaper to do.

He also raised another potential issue of those 5 hidden coolant plugs which have already shown some sign of wet and you have to get the entire cylinder head once those are leaking as those plugs aren’t available separately.

I do feel his video is informative and interesting to watch, even thought Ford has nothing to do with Mazda’s SkyActiv engines.
Headgasket failure is frequently caused by over-heating and this car's owner appears to be rather clueless. It is surprising that this is not linked to the cracked cylinder head. This Wizard is hardly a wizard! The filming of these videos probably happened some time ago, so he would not have gotten any feedback between videos 1 and 2. It looks he doubles down on his theories regarding Ford and has a peanut gallery that informs than Gen 1 Skyactiv-Gs (no such thing) are 70% Ford?!?

But missing a cracked head seems impossible. What else could cause headgasket failure on this car? Somebody serviced the car by replacing coolant with generic undiluted coolant? I forget the mileage. 87k?