WTB 19" OE Wheels for 2016 Mazda CX-5

Jack Rabbit

18 Mazda CX5 AW
Anyone have a set of take-offs they'd like to sell?

I'm in Durham, NC (27705).

thanks in advance.
I have an extra set of 2018 pie cutters but have been keeping them in garage in case decide to sell/trade in the CX-5.

Your best bet is to check salvage/junkyards for 19 inch rims. Prices seem to be $200 -$300 each...more expensive than some aftermarket wheels.
but you won't have to pay shipping if you buy them from local salvage.
Also, the junkyards sell alot of parts to body shops for insurance repairs. Most yards check for dents/cracks and spin-test the rim for true because they sell to body shops. and they usually give you at least a 30 day return period. Also, when you get tires on, the tire-shop can usually tell you if any rims are bent.
They may have a set of rims that have some curb rash (but still true) for less(maybe $100 each) But most of the flawless rims are over $200. Any bent damaged rims are used for jackstands or crushed.