In-depth look into future Mazda models


I have yet to come across a YouTube channel going into this much depth on Mazda before...The channel is called "Kirk Kreifels" and I found his latest video quite informative. I'm not sure if this channel has been mentioned here before but it's worth a look if you haven't checked it out...

What do you think about his analysis? Agree or Disagree? Post your thoughts!
It is due for a refresh. They can call it whatever they want.
The numbers got confused.
First you go CX-3, CX-5, CX-9. Okay, makes sense.

Then you make a new car just for China that looks like a CX-3 but is sized like a CX-5 ... and call it a CX-4. Okay. Still good.

Then you make another new car, for everywhere else, that’s also bigger than a CX-3 but smaller than a CX-5 ... okay, so you call it a .... CX-4. Brilliant!

But, oh, crap. You can’t. You already have a CX-4. And it’s a different car. Well, dang.

How about a CX-30?

Um, okay.


Looks like there’s a good chance Mazda is going to use double digit model names for the entire CX lineup (CX-50, CX-90 etc). We could see the discontinuation of single digit CX model names so no more CX-5 etc.

There’s the MX-30...I wonder if the MX-5 will be renamed? Seems to iconic to do that...

I’m excited about the upcoming engines and I think (even though it may seem inconsequential) that utilizing two digits instead of one makes the model names seem more substantial...Especially for the Crossovers and SUVs.

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