Engine won't idle

I have been pulling my hair out on my daughters CX-7.
It will not idle to save itself, but seems to run decent once you get above 2000 rpm.
I pulled the intercooler off, and it started idling nearly perfect, but once I put the intercooler back on, it dies.
I looked inside, and it was filthy, and assumed that the passage ways were clogged.
I took the vacuum valve off, that is near the hose connecting to the throttle body, and cleaned the inside pretty good.
I put the intercooler back on, and the engine idled fairly decent, until I put my hand over the opening where the vacuum valve had been.
To me, it acts like there is either too much air coming out of the turbocharger, or not enough going into the throttle body.
Is it possible that something has failed on the turbo?
I'm at my wits end with this car, and hoping someone here has had this problem, and knows the fix without doing a bunch of guessing.
Thanks so much for your help.