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    2021 CX-9 won’t keep time when it’s on GPS setting under clock setting

    Maybe your time zone is set incorrectly.
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    2021 CX-9 won’t keep time when it’s on GPS setting under clock setting

    If I remember correctly getting clock from GPS is not related to navigation. The car just uses GPS signal to retrieve the current time. In practice, once you start the car the time is not set. It needs a few sec to get the time from GPS and start displaying the right time. Surely if you're...
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    Mazda Connect Firmware 74.00.230A

    Installed it a few days ago. All is working for me and had no issues during install With previous FW 70.xx I had an intermittent issue with Android phone detection via USB cable. Now it seems to be working fine. I haven't seen any new features, as there was no changelog (your link does not...
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    Ecopia Tires, 21K and gone

    Lots of complaints about the factory Ecopia here and for a reason. Mine lasted just 21k on TX roads. While I don't drive aggressively, I haven't adopted grandma-style either. But "c'mon man" (to quote the classic), 21k? Tire shop guys were very familiar with the Mazda and Ecopia issue...
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    Hard to say if my problems are due to new bugs in Android Auto on my phone or the .367A firmware. I mostly use cable connection and on 2 occasions I lost the link without any reason. Also had blank screen once.
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    Tow Hitch

    U-haul, with install $240
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    Coincidentally I did the same upgrade this morning. It took about 30min total. I only had time to re-check all the settings (everything was retained as expected), no other observations yet.
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    What oil is that?

    Thanks for the replies guys. This was done over the phone and email, so no work order per se. Just my email asking for synthetic. Anyway, based on your feedback it's not a big deal. I will however mention that discrepancy to a manager.
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    What oil is that?

    During last visit to a dealership I asked for an oil change at 10k miles. I already had a synthetic oil and requested same this time. The invoice reads: Perform 6qt conventional oil and filter change: performed 6qt oil and filter change MZD5W30BK BULK What is that "conventional oil" you...
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    2019 CX-9 Android Auto Won't Launch Anymore

    It's also been a problem with recent AA phone app versions. In my case it would not start sometimes until I removed the USB cable and put it back in. Most recent update of AA on my phone had resolved the issue (v 5.3.501634).
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    Default to 360 Camera when shifting into Reverse

    Same here, no option to change default view.
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    2016~2021 USB in Front Console

    I didn't bother with hiding that USB cable. I put a nice, long and durable braided cable and it is just running from the arm rest connector resting on a passenger seat when not connected. When connected it runs to a vent-mounted phone holder. Probably very easy to hide on the way to the front...
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    All what is needed (link to software and instructions) are in first and second post in this topic: Note, that the software they attached is for North American cars.
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Updated FW over the weekend to version .352B. Took only about 25min.
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    Firmware update(s) and how to steps

    Upgraded Firmware to the .352B. Took only ~25min, followed the attached pdf and everything went as they described. It retained all of my settings. I do think booting is a bit faster (I had .100 FW before), too early to say if anything else changed.