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Ecopia Tires, 21K and gone

2019 CX9 GT AWD
Lots of complaints about the factory Ecopia here and for a reason. Mine lasted just 21k on TX roads. While I don't drive aggressively, I haven't adopted grandma-style either. But "c'mon man" (to quote the classic), 21k?

Tire shop guys were very familiar with the Mazda and Ecopia issue, apparently they had replaced lots of them. Faced same comments in another shop while doing alignment. Seems all the pros are aware.

Anyway, Michelin Defender LTX should last a bit longer. :)
Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
Defender is the long tread-life tire from Michelin. It'll last a lot longer.

Tread wear depends on several factors including the rubber compounds in the tire, the abrasiveness of the aggregate in the pavement, driving style, inflation pressures, speed & load. I think the Ecopias are a cut below the Falken Ziex CT50 A/S that was the alternate OE tire...now replaced in the Falken line by the CT60. I've never had a Bridgestone original equipment tire that was worth buying again.
Anyone have any comment on new yokohama or new continental terrain contact tires? Also considering bridgestone dueler alenza plus. Need to replace 2 tires that got punctured with screws on the shoulder tread and non repairable. Instead of wasting money on 2 new ecopias that came factory and are crappy anyway, I'll just replace them all with a real tire.