What made you buy a CX-9?

I got my CX-9 after watching so many YouTube reviews, all reviewers appraised the CX-9 for its reliability, fit and finish and driving experience. The upgraded Nav screen, 360 cameras, and upgraded Mazda connect with remote start made the deal for me since I did not like the old screen/nav. Also the price was a big factor since it was the cheapest SUV at this class( I got a crazy lease deal that cannot be replicated with the Highlander, Palisades, Telluride, and others). I test drove the Volvo XC90 which much more expensive and its almost similar to the CX-9( I am getting 90% of the Volvo experience for $300 less per month).
...wow that's sux. What state? Noone in San antonio was trying to run a deal for me at all and to get to my payment I had to run a good amount down to get to my pmt, which is higher.