What have you done to your Mazda3 today?

Vinyl wrapped the side skirt thingy.


Waiting on 21turbo exhaust impatiently!!! Lol Machine grey, red interior, rear emblems removed at the dealership!! They were like wait, what, remove the emblems indicating the options!! Lol Yes please!! Euro plate is legal in Nebraska if you pay 50.00 for no front plate sticker!! Gotta like loopholes!


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@SixPackABS Wow, that's a unique touch...I like it, first time I've seen that done with the current Mazda3. I also like how you're running with the red details...It definitely makes your Turbo 3 stand out. (y)

20mm spacers all around. Had them leftover from my first 3, as well as a new set of black lugnuts :) Rear is almost flush, front has a slight poke, will settle more when the springs compress back.
Replaced the front brake pads and rotors on the boy childs 2008. Pads had about half their life but the inner board of the rotor and pad was rusted on both on both sides of the axle.

Now I will take it to the mechanic to get the lower control arm replaced. With 179287K miles and 13 winters of corrosion, I am not messing with those bolts/nuts. Lol

Then an alignment, inspection and the car is ready for him to drive back to campus.
Needed new tires on the 21 3 as the Contis have worn out. Tires were fine but I find the sidewalls too soft.

Went with Firestone Firehawk Indy 500's on recommendation from my tire guy and so far I like them. Car seems more settled and doesn't roll as much as the Conti's did. Will know better at Autox