What have you done to your Mazda3 today?

what did i do...
tried flatfoot shifting!!! f****n ballin! loved it
tires where spinnin like crazy on second a a lil on third
installed AudioLink ipod adapter Wednesday.

today installed Redline shift boot and ebrake cover...pics to come!
i washed it and cleaned the interior really good! and took the black paint of the taillights (dnt yet if i'll black them out again..)

well I just got the new car and sold a bunch of stuff from the old p5 so I had the funds for new mods :D
hmmm well wat i did... and this was last nite.. i backed into some piece of s*** hyundai electra dat i didnt c while backin out of a spot (my car was packed so i was a lil distracted) nothing bad just a tiny scratch but im happy no dents or anything noticeable!
clear bra

Installed clear bra on the speed3. Took almost four hours! Use the Invisiblemask non 3m with the lifetime warranty. Kind of a bi icth! but turned out well, had one on my previuos g35 and loved it. btw, speed3 much more fun ride than g35, especially since the g35 was using about 2 qts. every 1500 miles. traded before the tsb engine replacement was needed...
So I'm new to the forum i thought i would share what i my painted engin cover. That I just finished today. Please see Attachment


pics tonight! while it's dark! :p

I tried to install some corksport motor mounts today, but I needed a 19mm socket to get one of the mm bolts off and it was getting late and dark out, so I reluctantly put everything away until I can buy a 19mm socket tomorrow or next week...