What did you pay for your CX-5?

I just saved 2000 off msrp by visiting 3 dealerships and walking out. I had one calling me back trying to make a deal and the 3rd, they hit my price as I was about to walk from that one. The fake pandemic shortage is over. There never was a shortage either. They created their own by stiffing chip makers then the chip makers moved on to better clients. Car makers did that all to themselves.
2024 Cx5 premium plus trim. Platinum quartz msrp 38,100. So far I'm at $2250 off msrp with 0% financing over 60 months. I have the car now I requested an overnight test drive. But going to decide by tomorrow what I want to do.
What are you folks paying for your new CX-5's, in relation to MSRP?

I assume demand is far outreaching supply at the moment, and am curious what that's doing to the price.

I ask, primarily, because I have a fairly urgent need for a new vehicle, would like it to be the CX-5, but hate the idea of paying at, or above, MSRP :)

I paid MSRP in December and was happy to do it with 0% financing for 5 years.
Beginning of the year i paid around $55000 (using current conversion rate) for 2023 CX-5 AWD 2,5 NA Homura Trim with below accessories:
- towing hook
- spare weel
- roof rack
- winter tires Continental TS870 P
and few others.
The price is total with taxes etc.
Got a '24 Carbon at the end of March. MSRP with delivery is $33,500 plus taxes and fees. I got $1000 in rebates, $2250 off in price adjustment and another $1500 off in the form of over-valuing my trade-in (aka more discount).
Leased a 2024 Turbo Signature on the last day of March. MSRP $42,690, that was discounted to $40,686, and the money factor translated to 2.42% APR on a 3 year, 12k / year lease. Happy with that discount and interest rate in the current environment.