What did you pay for your CX-30?

2021 CX-30 Turbo Premium, Polymetal Gray
Purchased April 30, 2021
MSRP: $33,625
Selling price: $32,018
Accessories: $807.74 (high-wall mats, cargo tray, cargo cover, sport pedals, rear bumper guard)
Price before TTL: $32,825.74
Tax and filing fees: $1,337.24
Subtotal: $34,162.98
Price OTD with loyalty rebate: $33,412.98
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Purchased on 4/17/21
2021 CX-30 Turbo Premium Plus / Soul Red with White seat
MSRP: $35,720 plus Bumper Guard $100
No trade in/ loyalty bonus or finance discount.
Sale price $33,180
We are in MD, OTD $36,000


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Just transferred the funds, expected delivery: June, 26th ;)

2021 CX-30 GT Plus w/ Style (matrix LED) 2.0 186HP FWD AT

Base price: 32.945 USD
Extras: 3.807 USD
Total: 36.752 USD
Discount: 4.131 USD
Curb price: 32.620 USD

Soul Red 728 USD
Navigation for EU 665 USD
Velour floor mats 94 USD
Secret bolts 80 USD
Extended 5-yr warranty 292 USD
Alarm system in the key? 353 USD
Rubber mat for baggage compartment 130 USD
Document case 13 USD
Wireless charging 270 USD
Cargo net 72 USD
Full-size spare tyre 862 USD
Car Play/Android auto 250 USD

1 year full insurance 1.870 USD
1 year toll pass 60 USD
1 year mandatory insurance 190 USD
Registration 220 USD

note: this is within EU, prices listed in USD before tax (i have no clue about MSRP etc :))
No remorse from this buyer with regards to the automatic parking brake. It's really a non-issue for the majority of us.
I always use "Hold" function as well, so pressing 2 buttons instead of one really isn't an issue :) no remorse, only happy thoughts :p
OK, if I am being really honest, the wireless charging is kind of useless if you don't mount another tray within to hold your items, and would be utilized fully only with wireless Android Auto. Didn't really think that one through :D