What’s the difference between synthetic and turbo oil changes?


Mazda CX-7 Grand Touring AWD
I just moved and my new local Mazda dealer has already found me...lol. They sent me a coupon for an oil change that I just don’t understand. It says the following;

STND: $24.95 SYN: $44.95 Turbo: $69.95

My question is, what the hell his a turbo oil change and why is it $25 more than a synthetic oil change which is what I usually do, mobile 1 full synth.
Great question. FWIW: I've been using synth for oil changes for a couple of years now. Outside of the extra cost for synth oil, I've not been charged extra when I take my CX7 to dedicated oil change places, dealer & independent repair shop.
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Sounds like someone at this dealership has a good imagination, and came up with a new way to make a few extra bucks, while scamming the end user.
They'll probably tell you that a turbo equipped vehicle requires "special" (read: more expensive) oil than a non turbo engine. This is categorically false of course, but someone will fall for it, and pay the extra 25 bucks.
They'll make even more money when they use non synth 5W30 oil in said turbo equipped vehicle.
I'd challenge them on this big time.

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