Tune up Turns on CEL (2016 CX-5)

Took my 2016 CX-5 to a local shop for a tune up. Trusted mechanics, good guys, worked on my cars for years without issue. I just bought the vehicle a few months ago with 92,000 miles on it and took it in for an oil change, spark plugs, air filter, and general maintenance. They took care of it for me, but I have had two things happen. First, as I left the lot, after the mechanic having just test drove it, I noticed that my blinkers didn't work. I pulled back in, we did a little messing around with plugging and unplugging to no end, and then finally just disconnected the battery and reconnected it after about a minute. That solved the issue. The car ran fine through a ten mile drive with no issues. I get back in my car to go ten miles home about 4 hours later and the CEL light comes on. Codes are P0102, P0113, P061B, and P0421. They all relate to air flow the way it seems, but I know just about enough to be dangerous in this situation. I looked things over a bit and did not see anything egregious. Opened the air filter box and made sure it was sealed tight when I put it back together is about all I did. Any thoughts on what might have triggered this after a basic tune up?
'16.5 CX-5 AWD
Someone else had a similar sounding issue. It ended up being a bad temp sensor, possibly pulling down the 5v reference so that the other sensors gave bad readings. Check your engine wiring for breaks or a short. Especially near the affected sensors and coil packs.
2020 CX-5 Tour
I'm surprised that a shop would mess around with electricals like that without first disconnecting the battery, however that probably wasn't what caused those codes to be set. I've read multiple reports of 'quick' battery disconnects causing all sorts of random codes to be set, as a result of the caps not draining. So one very easy thing to try is disconnecting the battery and keeping it disconnected for a longer period of time - overnight is the easiest way for most owners.