Solved - 2003 Protege5 - OBD-II Port and Radio Inoperable

Bottom Line Up Front: 10A "ROOM" mini-fuse under the dash to the left of the driver's leg was blown.

The 15A "RADIO" fuse in the same fuse panel was good. All other vehicle fuses checked good in the engine bay and inside the driver's side fuse panel.
Other Info:
- Radio has not worked for several days. Didn't know why it quit - it's old like me.

- Today driving the car, the Check Engine Light (CEL) came on. I put my OBD-II scanner into the port and the port was dead where it was previously worked reading fault codes.

- Replacing the 10A "ROOM" fuse corrected both problems.

- All other fuses in the Engine compartment and Interior Cabin fuse panel had checked good except for the "ROOM" fuse.

- I initially checked the "15A radio fuse in the cabin fuse panel when the radio had died a few days ago and it was good. I thought there might be another fuse inside the radio but didn't have to time to check into that.

- The "ROOM" fuse may have blown simultaneously taking out the Radio AND the OBD-II port at the same time (no CEL after the radio went dead prior to codes P02009 and P0090 the just today popped up while driving).

- May apply to other Mazdas...

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