Shreveport Import Face-Off race and show...

The 6th annual Shreveport NOS Energy Drink's IMPORT FACE-OFF will be on Saturday NIGHT, July 25th at Thunder Road Raceway Park (formerly Red River Raceway). $6000+ in cash and trophies will be awarded to car show and race contestants. Activities will include: car/truck/bike show, 1/4 mile drag racing, Hot Body contest, Usaci Stereo crank it up contest, burnout contest, DJs, vendors, giveaways, mixed martial arts expo, etc. FREE competition vouchers are given to contestants who travel from 200+ miles away (must preregister to receive free pass). For free voucher registration and series info, visit

2009 IMPORT FACE-OFF dates (tentative)
January 18 - Houston, TX - Houston Raceway Park (5th annual)
January 25 - Gainesville, FL - Gainesville Raceway
February 8 - Tucson, AZ - Southwestern International Raceway (2nd annual)
February 22 - Palm Beach, FL - Palm Beach International Raceway
March 15 - Commerce, GA - Atlanta Dragway
March 29 - Belle Rose, LA - No Problem Raceway (9th annual)
April 19 - Oklahoma City, OK - Thunder Valley Raceway (6th annual)
May 3 - Kansas City, MO - Kansas City International Raceway (6th annual)
May 31- Montgomery, AL - Montgomery Motorsports Park (7th annual)
June 13 - Gainesville, FL - Gainesville Raceway
July 12 - Crofton, MD - Capitol Raceway
July 25 - Shreveport, LA - Thunder Road Raceway Park (6th annual)
August 1 - Houston, TX - Houston Raceway Park (5th annual)
August 30 - Columbus, OH - National Trail Raceway (4th annual)
September 6 - Kansas City, MO - Kansas City International Raceway (6th annual)
September 20 - Tulsa, OK - Tulsa Raceway Park (3nd annual)
October 4 - Baton Rouge, LA - State Capitol Raceway (5th annual)
October 11 - Tampa, FL - Bradenton Motorsports Park
October 18 - Commerce, GA - Atlanta Dragway
November 1 - Montgomery, AL - Montgomery Motorsports Park (7th annual)
November 8 - Dallas, TX - Texas Motorplex (4th annual)
December 13 - San Antonio, TX - San Antonio Raceway (6th annual)

SPEC Clutches and Flywheels FWD Quick 8 $1200 (FWD 4 cyl only, slicks and open exhaust OK)
Forced Performance Street Class Quick 8 $1000 (FWD, RWD, or AWD 4/6 cyl or rotary only, DOT tires and muffler required)
Hybrid Racing All Motor Quick 4 $500 (F/R/AWD 4/6 cyl or rotary, n/a engines only, slicks OK for FWD only, open exhaust OK)
Cobb Tuning Outlaw Quick 4 $500 (any import or domestic sport compact body/engine)
Bracket 14.99 and Faster $200 presented by Altered Atmosphere (any import or domestic sport compact)
Bracket 15.00 and Slower $200 (any import or domestic sport compact)
Motorcycle Bracket $200 (any motorcycle of import origin)

Spectator $15 with flier (reg $17) ok to print flier below off computer
Test and Tune Racer $25 (open to any make/model)
Competition Racer $25 (imports/sport compacts only)
Car show entry $25