Guide Removal of rear bumper CX-9 2019

Hi all,

Below are attached pictures of what needs to be done in order to remove the bumper from the CX 9 Touring 2019 - my understanding is that from 16 to 20 all are the same ( Azami, GT, Touring & Sport) models.

Below are the required steps (apologies if anything is left out however all should be there):

1. Open tailgate and remove the 2 x car coloured round caps from each side (near the rubber seal) - once removed unscrew the screws - 4 in total (circled in the image below). Note: i had removed the rear lights however i don''t think that they need to be removed?.

2. Remove rubber seal along the bottom part of door "case"(or top part of bumper) - caution as the seal has some sort of white sealant which is quite sticky and you don't want this to spread around.


3. Drop under the bumper and with a prying tool remove 2 x push pins that hold the underside of the bumper to the vehicle undercarriage.


4. Move to towards the rear part of the wheel arch where each side has 2 x screws and coupe of push pins, remove these and continue under the bumper (corner) and remove from each side 2 x push pins and 1 x screws - i ended up removing the plastic cover which attaches on the bumper (corner) and on lower part of the wheel arch.



5. Pry open the wheel arch decor (black plastic trim) - start from the bottom with your hand and once the first clip has freed then use a prying tool to assist and avoid over twisting the plastic trim and pry open 2 x more pins and you will see a 6 mm screw which holds the bumper to the wheel arch - unscrew the screws on both sides.



6. Once you have removed the screws then place your fingers where the screw was and nice and softly start pushing outwards with your fingertips the bumper and you will it been unplugged clip by clip - just exert enough pressure (only outwards - remember its plastic clip on plastic) and one by one it will come off - repeat at other side.



7. On the left side of the rear bumper, carefully disconnect the wiring harness for the parking sensors (if applicable).


8. Remove bumper - when ready repeat steps backwards.

I saw a post from a fellow owner saying how scary easy was to remove the front bumper - this is even easier as the bumper is not that huge and has less screws & push pins to remove (i needed help to avoid scratches etc to reinstall the front bumper however i was alone with the rear and no issues.

Hope the attached photos will make sense as all was done in a rush and always happy to assist if anyone has any doubts or questions.


Wheel arch decor  clips.jpgBumper clip on side base 1 x L and 1 x R.jpgBumper inside_Chrome trim screws x 9.jpgRear bumper under_Remove push pins.jpgRemove 1 x  screw L and Right under plastic wheel arch decor.jpgRemove 2 x screws L and R.jpgRemove 2 x screws.jpgRemove push in clips L and R sides.jpgUnclip cable Left hand side .jpgVehicle Bumper clip on side base 1 x L and 1 x R.jpg
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Hi Mreid, I tried to insert the images where I thought they should be in the post to make the instructions a little easier to follow. I also added the step for disconnecting the parking sensors. If you see anything that needs to be changed, please PM me and I will assist.

I see that you have also included a picture of the backside of the removed bumper that shows how the chrome strip is installed. This will be helpful for anyone who wants to add the strip to their Touring or Sport model.
Hi Sm1ke, Thank you for this and also Antoine who replied yesterday after placing all of the content in the Resources section where it should have been from the start - I know next time.

Re the picture of the bumpers inside showing the chrome strip - that was the reason that I had if off as I installed the chrome strip on both front & rear bumpers.

To all Sport & Touring owners who may wish to install this trim - both rear & front bumpers Must be removed if you wish to install as per factory specs.

Also I brought 20 " x 8.5 genuine Mazda wheels and fitted them with Continental ultracontact SUV 255/50/20 and the Touring looks great- I was on the fence should I make it all black or the chrome - decided the factory look.
Just in case someone is looking for front bumper removal instructions..