Recommendation for shocks/struts for softer ride? 2015 CX-5 GT

I'm looking for some good aftermarket shocks/struts, budget around $1k or so. Has anyone put in aftermarket shocks that improved the ride quality at all?
I used KYB quick struts and shocks. No complaints. They made the car handle like new again when I installed them at 80k miles. My ‘13 is my daily driver in excellent condition with 17” wheels and Michelin Cross Climate II tires. Handles fine on winding N Alabama roads. Nothing special though. True stock suspension feeling with a fantastic all weather tire. Don’t believe I spent more than $400 on shocks and struts back in early 2020.

What size wheels does your 2015 have? I have found larger wheels sometimes yield a harsher ride over bumps and uneven pavement. My 17” wheels on stock and KYB suspension has never been harsh and is a fairly soft ride compared to my mother in laws ‘17 GT with 19” wheels (2nd gen is a stiffer ride than 1st gen though, not sure if that’s due only to shocks/struts).
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I put 17" wheels and tires on. Helps a lot on those sharp-edged bumps.
Yep. I got 16's on. Also spoke with my mechanic about changing shocks and struts. Said it won't do too much to soften blow any more than the 16s i put on. If anything said that some aftermarket might make it stiffer/harder. The mazda was made to hug the road and corner well hence why it's a less comfortable ride.
I put 18 inch Mazda wheels and koni adaptive shocks from tire rack and I think it's perfect, but YMMV.
Just got back from an oil change at dealership for my '14 Mazda3. I was behind a guy who paid more than $3k for suspension damages caused by aftermarket struts he has installed. Both failed. Broken bolts, the advisor said.

He only recommends Bilstein... Other than that, he cannot recommend... he said that to me unofficially.. ;)