Protege5 hesitation on cold start

So I have a 2003 P5 with a manual transmission.
When I first start it it will idle fine
put it in first gear and it leaves the line normally up till about 3000 rpm when it wants to stop accelerating. no matter how much you put your foot on the throttle it wont go above about 3500 or 4000. Then after it warms up this behavior stops and it seems totally fine. if you stop the car for a bit after its warm its fine when you start it again. If i sit and let the car warm up before driving off it behaves normally.
it is not throwing a code

I have replaced that could be related:
vcts solenoid
vics solenoid
intake tube/air filter
PCV Valve

Does anyone have an idea what is happening with my car. It is not a huge deal right now but it is my daily and I would like to get ahead of this problem. I was thinking maybe it is the "pre cat"
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Check your VICS shutter valve actuator.

Perhaps it's sticking and needs some lube.

It could start moving once it's warmed up.

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