Potential Scammer: James_fifty5

Just wanted to relay my negative experience in case it might be benefit someone. I posted a want to buy MSP downpipe and was able to purchase OEM one without issues but was looking for a 3'' aftermarket one.

I was contacted by two individuals the first sent a pick for a pope engineering one from their website, when I asked for a personal picture, the dialog stopped. The second individual jamesfifty5 was unable to send a pic, wanted only to use cashapp, refused paypal but was very responsive to questions so I risked sending him money, he gave me a tracking number through fedex which wasn't accurate and he has stopped responding to txt, my loss plenty of red flags.

Just posting in case it might help someone else.

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Thanks, John. If your "gut" tells you something isn't right, it probably isn't.
One of my brothers lost thousands of dollars on a car deal that really was too good to be true.


Hi @johnjam...Sorry to hear you encountered a potential scammer. This is why one of our FS Rules is to have a hand written sign in item pics. This is also why we have this sticky in the WTB Forum (posted by gone_fishin)...

Due to the fact that it would be enormously complicated for the FS moderation staff to oversee what goes on in the WTB section between buyer and seller, please be advised that if you choose to make a transaction with a responding member, you do so at your own risk.

It would be wise to request that a picture be sent with the person's forum name, date, and "Mazdas247" written on paper somewhere within the picture prior to making a transaction. This gaurantees that the member not only has the item you're after, but that it's in satisfactory condition.

If you're currently involved in a dispute with another member, please contact one of the FS moderators and we will certainly do what we can to resolve the situation.

You mentioned jamesfifty, I'm not seeing that username in our records, please provide the correct username. We have a "Potential Scammer" badge that can be issued.

Thank you for mentioning this, it's important that we warn the Community.

Ps...Updated thread title to make this warning as clear as possible.


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Who was the first individual that sent a stock image of a Pope Engineering one from their website?


Thanks...Well @James_fifty5 has been issued a "Potential Scammer!" badge. To have it removed, I will need confirmation from you @johnjam that the transaction issue with James_fifty5 has been resolved. If no resolution happens within a reasonable amount of time, James_fifty5's account may be permanently banned and the "Potential Scammer!" badge will remain.

@sm1ke had asked who the first individual was...Can you provide that as well..? It's really important we know who may be trying to scam fellow Members.

Ps...Thread title updated with username.