OEM Headunit not remembering last Mode (2013 Mazda5)


2013 MazdaSpeed 3
Hi All,

I have a USDM 2013 Mazda5 GS with the Factory OEM Headunit (with USB). Recently I've been experiencing an issue with the Headunit not remembering the last mode, particularly the USB. I'd be driving around listening to the mp3's on the USB flash drive, park the car and turn it off. Then come back to it, start it up with a radio station playing, and not the USB flash drive. If I press the USB button on the Headunit it starts playing where it left off with no issues.

Is there some sort of way to fix this to default to the USB by pressing a sequence of buttons on the Headunit? I've already removed the battery to power cycle the car, but that didn't help. Your feedback is appreciated.