New RTX Black Widow 20" wheels

Quebec, Canada
2020 CX-9 GT
Hello everyone,

Just thought I would show off a little; ;)
Here are a few before and after pics of my new wheels.
They are 20" x 9" RTX Black Widow - Black Machined Grey with an offset of 38. They came with Max TPMS sensors to which I was able to copy the original wheel codes to.

I decided to go with a 9" wheel so that I could continue using the original 255/50 20 tires but could go up to a bigger sized tire 285/45 20 in the future if I wanted to.

Before I get any messages about the logos on the center caps, I know they are the Enkei logo but I thought it looked better than the original RTX logo.

New Wheels.jpg
Wheel close-up.jpg
Clearance 1.jpg
Clearance 2.jpg