2019~2021 New Mazda3 Turbo member

Hello all, new member, been a new Mazda owner for three weeks now (have owned a few used in the past). Picked up a 2.5 turbo hatch in machine gray. Looking forward to future mods but as of now it’s our gas saver.


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Welcome and thanks for joining up, @3turbo! Great to see another Turbo 3 on the Forums...Looking forward to seeing your updates and mods.

Cool pic btw...(y)
Thank you @cuzed2, I have a question, you are running different wheel/tire than stock, did you happen to weigh the stock vs aftermarket?

According to my bathroom scales, one of my wheels is north of 45 lbs, I’ve been looking at a 17x7 wheel 215-50/17 combo, rpf1/pilot sport as4, which that though can you tell a difference in your car with the lighter wheels tires?
I used a shipping scale and found the stock wheels to be ~50 lbs, and this aftermarket setup is coming in at ~45 lbs. The ride quality (smooth factor) seems to be the same, but the aftermarket combo is "grippier" especially on less than smooth roads.
Thank you, I know it’s marginal but acceleration and braking should be better and I would imagine city mileage would be slightly better too.