Neutral safety switch help? 2007 Mazda3

When I bought this vehicle. It would only start in neutral. So i bought a switch. Brought it to the mechanic to have them replace it. They replaced it however it's causing the following issue. When it goes into park it thinks it's in reverse, or it'll think it's in drive etc. They can't figure out why this is happening. They ordered a new switch and same thing, they put the old switch back in same thing. They say the bracket looks fine, cleaned it out, let it all sit and took time with it.

Any ideas?

I've had some people say engine control module. But why is it that this only happened right after the neutral switch was replaced, just coincidence?

2007 Mazda 3
My first suspect would be something loose in the shift linkage, either at the lever assembly or transaxle case.
I see your posting in the M5 forum and signature lists an M3.

Before jumping in to replace the microcontroller that drives the dash selector display, I'd simply verify the signalling mechanism from the selector for something broken or out of alignment. All the more possible after someone has already been that vicinity.

It may not be possible to replace just the dash selector display circuit alone.

Looking at the M5 wiring it appears the start is hardwired through a switch in P or N.
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