NEMOC Random BS Thread

This will be the 3rd Focus wagon I've used for winter rallyx. They're pretty competitive as a base vehicle. The best thing is I don't have to worry about crashing it. It will stay at the track since it's not street legal.
Sorry the Focus didn't work out Bruce. But kinda excited to see/hear about the Mazda2 as your new rallycross car. I almost bought one years ago but decided not to. Thankful as a few months later I got my first Miata. Haven't looked back since.
Got the 2 into the shed and up on the QuickJack, love that thing!!

Time to start taking a look and see what it needs for rallycross

Not sure yet Antoine. I need to get it up and running in the next 2 weeks. Just the brakes, fluid changes, and front wheel bearings. It's using the space I store the Miata for the winter.
Hit up a couple of great car museums this past weekend, Newport and Audrain automobile museum. If you’re ever in the NE area specifically RI, they area a must see. The Newport museum is a large private collection with several rooms of cars from different eras, from the beginning of the automobile to the big fin cars of the 50’s and 60’s to 60’s and 70’s muscle, today’s muscle, large mustang and cobra collection, Porsche, corvette, and several iconic bmw, Mercedes, etc.
The Audrain museum had a “young timers” display (Miata at the front!) and is much smaller and would be a great take along with some sightseeing and maybe walking the cliff walk and checking out the gilded age mansions. What’s great about Audrain is they change out the smaller display frequently, so there are actually many exhibits throughout the year.


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