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2016 CX-5 GT AWD
Dont think this has been posted about before, I cant find any mention of it.

Last week I brought my new to me CX-5 to my local Mazda dealer to have some recalls taken care of that the previous owner neglected to have done. While it was there I requested they do an oil change as well, it was a couple hundred miles short of needing it anyhow.
Attached to my invoice was the card I am attaching a pic of ( heres the website My Mazda Oil). You create a log in with your VIN and some info from your dealer invoice within 10 days of service and they send you a offer/code for $15.00 off your next oil change at the dealer you had do your oil change. Not sure if all Mazda dealers are participating in the program but if you have a Mazda dealer change your oil its worth asking about. Hey 15 bucks is 15 bucks.


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