Mazda Connected Services

2024 CX-5 Premium
After reading news stories this week about auto companies collecting driving data and sharing it with insurance companies, I decided to contact Mazda and opt out of their data collection. I spoke with a customer service representative, he asked me some questions including VIN number of my CX5 and said it would take about 24 hours to implement the opt out. He also told me that I needed to disable Connected Services in the settings of the Infotainment system. I asked what would happen if I re-enabled Connected Services and he said that the opt out would end and I would need to contact Mazda to opt out again.

So now whenever I turn on the ignition I get this.


Is this really how this works? I see this crap every time I turn on the car and am one errant click away from opting back in to sharing my data?
I suppose it is. You could try calling them to ask how to prevent this message from appearing. Maybe there is a setting buried in the menus to disable the prompt.
this is what I was told.
If they disable it the proper way its disabled as they outline in the privacy.
You need to ask for full "TCU deactivation". Its painful to get to a customer representative who knows what to do. Terrible process.
Also Quote them ->> Mazda CSP04.

It will also show on the car record anytime you got to dealer service.
You can keep it enabled in the infotainment but the signal meter icon should show X.
Whether the system really is disabled nobody knows except Mazda tech geeks.

If you also disable in the infotainment (not related to above) its always this freakin annoying msg and no way to get rid of it now showing every time you start.
That is for 2022-2023. Those models are partially connected systems. i.e no update over the air option etc but has Mazda App functionality and do transmit data.
You should also have never used MyMazda app as well as that is another point.

2024 is a new fully connected systems (with update over the air) and I dont know how it works there.
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look too for the X over the icon on the car signal. Or it was a diagonal crossing over it. I think that icon shows either on the nav screen or the radio somewhere. I can check later and tell yoy where.
And you can probably hardware disconnect the antenas too and never use MyMazda App connected services if you want 100% guarantee. There are two antennas if I recall.
If you are in Cali I think you can also submit request for data deletion of you personal data.
This is interesting. Found in the My Mazda app. Likely only covers this one instance of sharing data and Mazda will still collect data and perhaps share with some entity other than CAS and TIMS.

Its not your data. The moment you "share" or use a service it gets sold to brokers. Then its everywhere. Its the next big (car/driver data analytics) business for billions. except some states there is literally no privacy protection or laws to help the consumer.
Accept it and move on. Not much to do.
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Mazda Customer Service just called and said that I needed to unenroll my vehicle from Connected Services and walked me through doing this in the MyMazda app. About an hour later I received an email notifying me that "Your opt out request has been completed, and the TCU unit within the vehicle had been disconnected. "

I was told that there may be an error message that appears on the infotainment screen and if so I would need to take it to the dealer to have the error cleared. As the car is with my wife right now I don't know if that error message is appearing. If it is then I will hook up Forscan and see it's something I can clear on my own.
Well done SB. Thanks for sharing the process even if it doesn't apply to me and my old Mazda.
Someone should share this on Reddit.
Actually @sm1ke this probably applies to all the modern Mazda. Should move or copy this to the lounge for more exposure?
I'll move it to the Lounge, and create a Resource under All Mazdas.
I've not yet seen any changes reflected in my infotainment system. I was told "To verify this, you will see an x in the bottom corner, of the infotainment screen, that shows no network connection. You may also receive an error message on the dash that can be cleared by the dealership." I will wait 24 hours or so and follow up with my contact at Mazda if nothing changes.