Mirror Memory (2021 CX-5)

Do any Mazda models have TPMS display? If so, is this just a ploy to get people to trade up to a higher end model?

Personally I hate that. I should be able to option out a model to the max if I want to--it's my money! I'd rather spend "too much" for a smaller car than have to move up to a larger, less fuel efficient car to get the options I want.
All of the new generation Mazda models (Mazda3, CX30, CX50, CX90) show individual tire pressures
Good! It seems like it would be a really simple firmware update to add that to the existing CX-5, the car already has the necessary hardware and a graphic display...

I saw a product somewhere that plugged into an OBD-2 connector and provided a tire pressure display, but I lost track of it.

Do the new cars with seat memory also have mirror memory, too?
You only mentioned the CX-50.

I was just curious if all of Mazda's new offerings which have seat memory also have side mirror memory, kinda like every other car on the planet with seat memory :)