WTB Looking to buy all the FS-DET turbo system parts

I am looking at turbocharging my MP5 and I am wondering how much the turbo, manifold, intake, coolant lines, oil lines, etc... would cost me to buy. I have read on some older comments that the stock ecu for the automatic came programmed for up to 4 psi of boost.
2000 Protege ES
No, auto ecu is not good for boost. If you're sticking close to the stock hp or even below 250hp you'd be fine on an open diff 5 speed. It depends on driving style, if you're bearing on the car of course things will break. But if you treat the car well and use it as a fun daily driver you'll be fine. I'm 20k miles into my turbo swapped p5 that I take along the west coast to pull and deliver parts. The bottom end was a 240k mile used block and it's been running fine besides consuming oil (I figured this as it has worn cylinder walls).

If you have any questions on the swap feel free to reach out. I've owned many msp and p5 and always go back and forth between wanting one or the other. I figured turbo swapped p5 is the best of both worlds. Also I just posted up for sale a used steedspeed turbo manifold which are my personal favorite for these cars.