Largest tire size for the CX-5?

Hi all, wondering if anyone knows the largest tire diameter that anyone has fit to a CX5. I'm looking for as much sidewall as possible on the 17" touring rims. Also has anyone fit 235 on this rim? I'm looking at either 235/65 or 235/70 since there aren't many options for 225 with higher offset.
Many thanks
oem 225/65/17 is 28.5" diameter. 235/70/17 would be 30". 0.75" radius larger. you might have contact at full lock turn up front. even if it fit, the additional weight, rolling resistance and the taller gearing would really degrade, acceleration, braking and handling.

235/65/17(29") is a more suitable "step up" in height and width and is what i'd go with..
Thanks all! I wasn't sure what the widest tire that could be fit to a 7" rim and that's surprisingly hard to find online, but I'll go with a 235. Tempted to try a 245 to bump it up to 29.5" diameter but don't want to push it. Thanks
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I run a 275-40-19 on my summer wheels
What are you wheel specs for those tires?

Just out of curiosity, if I run a calculator, 275/45-19 seems to be a better one to one replacement for the 225/55-19.

Why did you choose the smaller diameter 40 series aspect ratio? To avoid potential rubbing with the wider tread section?

Honestly...I got a great deal on the wheels/tires.

They were used on a magazine cover car, just for a photo shoot. Brand new wheels/tires mounted but not balanced.

I picked up some new 20's last year for cheap...I'm planning on going with a 295 tire.
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I'm planning on buying 235/70/16, moving from 28.5" 17 inch wheels with 225/65/17 to 235/70/16, 29". There's not much room to work with unlike a truck or larger SUV. If you want bigger sidewalls, you have to switch to 16s. The bolt pattern is very common and I've seen sets of compatible take off wheels on FB marketplace and CL for 200-400. The easiest thing to do is select one with the same 67.1mm hub as the CX-5 and close offset to the CX-5; larger hub sizes could be matched with hubcentric rings. I'm probably going to splurge on some new Enkeis.
List of cars with 5x114.3: 5x114.3 - Bolt pattern -

I don't think I could go any bigger than 235/70/16, I think you would rub with 225/75/16 (and the selection of tires is worse in that size).
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Pics of 235/70/16:

I'm looking at these photos to convince myself to spend the $1,500 this setup is going to cost to replace the average but perfectly usable Yokos. Comments welcome.