Keyless System Malfunction (2017 CX-5)

2017 CX-5
I was having a low battery notice on the key fob for about a week, my bad for not just replacing the battery.

Last night going to a school activity, I was away from the car for about 50 minutes, when I returned, the car was not locked, and the car would not start.

I researched the how to start with dead FOB, but soon, the start orange flashing ceased, the brake petal was not able to depress, and very quickly, they car had no lights at all.

Obviously, I I thought it was the key fob was the problem, and had my other key brought to me. No luck.

Car being dead, I called a jump service, with new fob, and energy, they car jumped to life. The next morning the 2nd FOB worked fine, but now I have a Keyless System Malfunction warning on the dash, the start button orange light is still flashing.

The battery has been replaced within the last few months.

What would cause my car to completely die within 30 minutes of me stepping away?

Thanks for your time to read this.
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Have the battery checked, they do go bad early or could be bad cell. I had the same problem a few months back. They replaced the battery no charge and it's been fine ever since.


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You can try disconnecting the negative terminal from the battery. Lightly press the brake pedal for a few seconds to displace any remaining electricity. Then reconnect the battery terminal. This will reset most of your personalized settings, like your radio presets, possibly your seat memory settings (if the car has seat memory capability), etc. You'll also have to re-initialize the power windows if the one touch up/down no longer works. It should also reset the car's infotainment settings, so if the underlying cause of the issue is still present, the alert will pop up again.
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I'd try Sm1ke's suggestion first, see if that works for you.

I'd also buy an OBD reader that's capable of resetting error codes and use that if the battery disconnect doesn't work. In fact, I'd buy a reader even if it does work. They're inexpensive and VERY useful.

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