Guide How to replace license plate bulbs

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On a CX-5 the dome light lenses snap off if you insert a thin plastic pry tool (or thin flat head screwdriver covered with painter's tape) near the hinge part of the lens on each side. When facing forward, that area would be the part of the lens that is closer to the front of the car. Today I replaced my dome lights, vanity mirror lights, and rear hatch light with LEDs using this procedure. I bought dome lights that would fade like incandescents, as that is a nice feature of the CX-5.

Click HERE for a great video.
I sort of angsted over whose bulbs to buy...lots of suggestions on this forum. I eventually purchased a kit from Amazon on impulse, since I was ordering other stuff and decided to just buy them and have it done.

The thing I like about the ones in the vid you posted is that they are non-polarized, meaning--like an incandescent--you can install them either direction. The ones I got at Amazon were polarized, so I'd figure out which way they had to be installed by pressing against the contacts with the light in the ON position, then fumble/drop them, $@%*&$#, then start over. The vid also has some installation tips I would have found to be of value (like how to remove the existing bulbs in the front dome lights).

I know some folks have a strong preference, but frankly I'd be hard-pressed to fault any of them without a side-by-side comparison...and then I would close the door and they'd go out, the winner soon fading into the night ;)