Getting 2009 CX-9 Factory camera to work on an aftermarket screen?

Has anyone been able to get the factory camera to work on an aftermarket screen? I've got a picture but its either rolling or all over the place and can just make out a shadow in the mess. I connected it to a second screen (to rule out the radio) and tried both pal and ntsc with no luck. hooked the factory radio backup and its clear again, so the camera is definately ok

Anyone managed to get it to work?

I'm using this harness:

It didnt come with a 6V converter but I bought a seperate unit and experienced the results above (tested with multimeter to confirm 6V). at this stage Im convinced mazda for some reason use their own video format!
Got it working in the end. Found a couple of people with the same issue - turns out the signal and shield/ground were reversed! So I was looking at a faint rolling mess from the shield.

Also it is 6V so I needed to rewire the harness and obtain additional parts...So much for a plug and play solution!